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Horse racing is one of the most popular sports betting events around. Australians love their horse racing and they love betting on their favourite horse just as much. While betting on races being held in Australia is first choice, thanks to the internet betting on races around the world is easy.

Course Conditions

Different horses perform better on different course conditions. The turf can be firm, good firm, good, good soft, soft, yielding, or heavy. All weather is artificial surface and polytrack is fibersand. When you are studying influential factors the ground conditions is one you need to pay attention to.

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The performance of the horse can vary a great deal depending on the ground. Many times a trainer will not enter a horse into a race if he believes the ground is not suitable to that horse. If there is extra give underfoot, this creates a slower race and is good for horses that have a strong stamina reserve.

The running action of a horse can be directly affected by the ground conditions. For example, some horses are excellent on good firm ground but do awful on soft yielding ground. Other horses will do great on turf but poorly on an artificial surface.

Sariska Needs Right Ground Conditions

Sariska is one of those horses, racing in the Darley Yorkshire Oaks that has excellent adaptability to handle extreme changes in ground condition. Firm ground is where she runs her best race but her jockey is confident that she will be able to do well regardless. Sariska faces here toughest rivals, which include Peeping Fawn and Tamarind.

Don?t Just Follow the Market

English tips apply to betters from around the world including Australia. One of those tips is to not follow the market when you are choosing the horse you are going to bet on. Blindly following the market is a recipe for disaster because whisperers are wrong more often than not. If the horse you choose to bet on is showing weakly, it could mean you’ve overlooked something so best to recheck your research.

Watch Live Horse Racing Online

Attending the horse race is no longer necessary to watch the race. Yes, you can listen on the radio and you can watch on television but now thanks to the internet you can now watch horse racing online in real time. Many of the sites that offer bet placement also offer live watching of the race. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Betting Online

There’s nothing as relaxing as placing your bets online. Now you have the freedom to bet on races occurring around the world, not just those occurring in Australia. You can bet as often as you like, on as many races as you want, and bet as little or as much as you want. Never bet more than you can afford to loose.

Horse race betting provides terrific entertainment value. By being able to bet from the comfort of home, you can enjoy horse racing that much more. You can do your research online quickly and easily and you can see what others are saying, and even doing, by visiting the many online forums.

If you are new to betting take a little time to become familiar with the betting terms and the different bets you can place. It will help you place better bets and with better bets, you are more likely to win and that’s half the fun isn’t it?

Try to avoid betting on races were a number of the horses are returning after being off the track for a long period of time. Horses need a good run to establish whether they’ve improved or declined in ability. When they haven’t been racing for some time you are guessing and when it comes to betting you have much better odds if you bet on what you know to be true rather than speculation.

English Tips for Horse Race Betting

There are many different people offering horse race betting tips. These tips can provide some real help to those that are trying to decide just how to bet. There are both professionals and amateurs offering English tips for horse betting. This advice can be very helpful to anyone planning to place a wager, especially if you are new to the horse betting sport. That is providing the person you are taking the tips from knows what they are talking about.

How can you tell? Do a little research. See what others are saying about the tip provider. Look elsewhere other than the site that’s posting the English tips. The tips offered on the site where you are placing your bet generally can be considered reliable since betting sites take pride in offering those wagering sound advice.

Ratings are Compiled for Handicap Race

It’s important that you understand how the ratings on horses are compiled on a handicap race. The idea behind the handicap is put all of the horses on a level playing field. Horses are penalized based on what is perceived to be their ability.

This is not an exact science. There are guidelines used to asses each horse and create their adjusted rating. We won’t break down how that handicap is calculated. Instead, let’s look at what it all means once it is placed on the form card.

No – The number in brackets is the stall position of the horse.

Form – This is the most recent results. The latest will be listed last.

Horse – Gives you the horses name followed by how many days since the horse ran.

Age ? The age of the horse

Weight – The headgear worn by the horse is listed after the race weight. It will also list the type of headgear – b for blinkered, p for cheek pieces, t for tongue strap, and v for visor. If it’s followed by a one, it indicates the first time.

Jockey – This lists the jockey and it will also list if the jockey claims 5 pounds off the horse’s race weight. Amateur and apprentice jockeys are allowed to do this.

Knowing how to read the form can be very helpful.

Horse racing is one of Australians favourite sports betting games. Once you master it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try it sooner.

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